Rose Hill School solar goes live!

Last month Rose Hill Primary School boosted the clean people’s power station in Rose Hill as Low Carbon Hub installed a 28.8kW solar PV array on the southern part of their roof.

The 108 panels will provide clean power to the school, meeting almost 20% of its total electricity use and saving the school over £11,000 per year. During the holidays and weekends the electricity will be exported to the local electricity to the grid to power homes and businesses.

This install has been supported by ERIC, but has been designed and delivered as part of the Low Carbon Hub’s ‘Solar Schools’ initiative, part-financed through a £2m community share offer. Rose Hill now joins a fleet of 13 other schools this year who have received solar installs.

In the autumn Sycamore class will receive an additional green energy boost through Project ERIC. Two additional panels will be installed outside the classroom powering LED lights and USB sockets directly from the panels on a Direct Current (DC) circuit. A Maslow battery will be installed in the classroom to store extra power on sunny days and keep the classroom lights during cloudy days.

The installation will form part of an education display in the classroom, bringing green power closer to the pupils, with a simple explanation of how the systems work; saving money and helping the environment.