What is Project ERIC?

ERIC stands for Energy Resources for Integrated Communities. It is a research project part funded by the UK government (Innovate UK) to look at how using innovative energy storage technology could help a group of homes in a community to save energy.¬† We have chosen Rose Hill in east Oxford as the site. The project … Continue reading What is Project ERIC?


The enabling technology to increase the use of solar PV and other types of distributed generation within a community is small-scale energy storage units, with smart Internet connections allowing them to be virtually coupled. Project ERIC will install a 2kWh Maslow energy storage unit in 75 – 100 homes across Rose Hill. The houses will … Continue reading Technology

Research aims

Project ERIC aims to demonstrate how distributed storage in a community can be managed to reduce average peak grid load by 65% and increase self-consumption of local PV energy across the community by twofold. The major focus of ¬†Project ERIC will be to design, develop and test in a real community installation the software platform … Continue reading Research aims


Project ERIC is working with 100 households located in Rose Hill, East Oxford. Rose Hill was chosen as the location for the project following overwhelming support from the local community; Low Carbon Rose Hill and Iffley, Oxford City Council, and Greensquare Group. as a community that is typical of many residential city suburbs. It is … Continue reading Location

Innovate UK

Project ERIC is majority funded by Innovate UK. Innovate UK is an executive non-departmental public body, sponsored by the Department for Business, Innovation & Skills. Innovate UK is the new name for the Technology Strategy Board. For more information on Innovate UK click on the link below.

Offer to residents

Working with key stakeholders Oxford City Council and GreenSquare Group we have identified and recruited 60 households in Rose Hill who are in the process of receiving solar PV and Maslow battery installations. We will begin the next phase of recruitment for private tenants and homeowners with a launch event on Saturday 18th July on … Continue reading Offer to residents