The enabling technology to increase the use of solar PV and other types of distributed generation within a community is small-scale energy storage units, with smart Internet connections allowing them to be virtually coupled. Project ERIC will install a 2kWh Maslow energy storage unit in 75 – 100 homes across Rose Hill. The houses will include a mix of Oxford City Council homes, homes from social landlord, GreenSquare Group and privately owned and rented homes. We will also betargeting homes with electrified heat (eg ASHP – Air Source Heat Pumps). This behind the meter (for maximum efficiency, and minimum complexity to billing) storage will be aggregated to form a unique community storage facility on the local Low Voltage network, enabling community storage of local distributed generation (& off peak electricity) energy. We are also looking to provide two car share electric vehicles (EVs)  in the project, with charging times being a controlled load on the local network.

The major focus of the project will be to design, develop and test in a real community installation the software platform that will deliver a range of services to benefit the local community, social landlords and the National Grid.

The technology being installed in each home

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Benefits of solar PV150219 system graphic-01

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An installed Maslow system