What is Project ERIC?

ERIC stands for Energy Resources for Integrated Communities. It is a research project part funded by the UK government (Innovate UK) to look at how using innovative energy storage technology could help a group of homes in a community to save energy.  We have chosen Rose Hill in east Oxford as the site.

The project involves Oxford City Council, GreenSquare and private homeowners installing solar PV panels on roofs, and at the same time project lead, Moixa Technology, installing a smart battery unit.

We are working with 82 households, 74 of which are social housing. Every house has at least eight solar PV panels and a 2kWh Moixa smart battery storage unit.

Now installed, Oxford Brookes University are monitoring the energy generation from solar PV, energy demand from the household and the storage of energy within the Moixa smart battery. The project began in January 2015 and wraps up in September 2017.

Environmental sustainability charity, Bioregional is overseeing the community engagement, coordination between partners, liaison with residents and external communications.

Project ERIC represents a £1.2m investment in Rose Hill over the life of the project. It is having a significant impact for local residents; bringing down energy bills and giving the local community greater control and power over the energy they use.

Chris Wright, project lead and CTO at Moixa says,

“We’re delighted to be working in Oxford and with the local community in Rose Hill. Project ERIC is an exciting opportunity for residents to get involved in an innovative way of generating and using electricity that will bring down electricity bills, reduce climate-changing carbon emissions and build the case for a cleaner, fairer energy system.”

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