What is the timeframe for project ERIC?

Project ERIC began in January 2015 and will run until April 2017. Installations on Oxford City Council houses was completed in March 2015. We aim to complete installations with GreenSquare households by the end of June 2015. Installs with the remaining private tenants and homeowners will be completed in the Autumn 2015. A series of community events and workshops will be taking place throughout 2015 and beyond.

How much of my time is this going to take?

The installation of the solar PV  takes half a day. Scaffolding is put up two days prior to the installation and will remain in place for up to one week. The install of the Maslow battery can take place at the same time and also takes half a day.

Does the installation affect my electricity supplier?

Project ERIC will not affect your electricity supplier. If you wish to change your supplier to get a better deal during the project, you are free to do so.

Will there be an interruption to my electricity supply?

There will be a brief interruption to your electricity supply during the installation of the Maslow battery, for up to two hours. No further interruption is expected during the course of the project.

How are homes selected for this project?

Oxford City Council and GreenSquare homes have been selected through a series of assessments to determine a households suitability. This criteria was based on:

  •      you live in Rose Hill, the target community for ERIC;
  •      your roof is facing the right way for solar PV (south or south-west);
  •      your roof is suitable for solar PV;
  •      the wiring in your home is suitable for solar PV and the Maslow battery system.
  •      you have broadband in your home (for monitoring the system)

We will recruiting private tenants and homeowners from July 2015 onwards. If would like to take part in the project and be assessed for your suitability please get in touch.

If I participate in the project what ongoing time commitment will be required?

We would like to hear your feedback throughout the project and we’ll be looking for people who might be willing to speak about the benefits of the technology and also give their objective feedback to researchers at Oxford Brookes University . You won’t have to answer questions or attend feedback events if you don’t want to, but it will help our research if you do.