Key Stakeholders

Project ERIC brings together a number of key stakeholders who have committed support and funding. A list of key stakeholders and their respective roles is given below:


We are working with social landlord, GreenSquare Group and their tenants to install solar PV and Maslow battery storage in 30 homes across Rose Hill. GreenSquare have been extremely supportive to Project ERIC from the outset and their commitment to the project was instrumental in helping to bring the project to Rose Hill. GreenSquare areĀ  … Continue reading GreenSquare

Rose Hill Primary School

Project ERIC will be working with Rose Hill Primary School pupils on an energy project that will involve DIY solar panel building workshops and joining the dots between renewable energy, energy storage, energy democracy, the benefits of local control over our energy system and the impacts of fossil fuel extraction on communities around the world. … Continue reading Rose Hill Primary School

Low Carbon Rose Hill & Iffley

Low Carbon Rose Hill and Iffley is part of Oxfordshire’s vibrant Community Action Group (CAG) Network and an open group who’s aim is to reduce the carbon footprint of the area. LC Rose Hill and Iffley run a number of projects including, planted 300 hundred trees on Rose Hill Recreation Ground taken thermal images of … Continue reading Low Carbon Rose Hill & Iffley